Gina Kim’s five feature-length films and works of video art have screened at more than 80 prestigious international film festivals and venues including Berlin, Locarno, Rotterdam, San Sebastian, Sundance and Venice, as well as MoMA, the Smithsonian and Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Theatrically released in France, Korea, and the United States, her films have garnered critical acclaim. According to Variety, "Kim's highly sensitive camera turns the film into a chamber-piece hushed eroticism and surprising narrative grip." Le Figaro said, "Kim is a fearless feminist who conceals an extreme sensitivity."

Hailed by the Los Angeles Times as a "deeply introspective and accomplished art film," Film Comment selected Invisible Light (2003) as one of the 10 best films of 2003.

Starring Jung-woo Ha and Vera Farmiga, Never Forever (2007) was the first co-production between the United States and South Korea. Kim was subsequently nominated in the Best New Director category at the Motion Picture Association of Korea’s Daejong Film Awards (the Korean equivalent of the Academy Awards) and was awarded the Jury prize at the 2007 Deauville American Film Festival.

In 2009, Kim was a jury member at the 66th annual Venice Film Festival where her film Faces of Seoul (2009) premiered. She was then featured in L'Uomo Vogue as one of the "Talents of Venice."

Final Recipe (2014) was the opening film in the Culinary Cinema sections of the Berlin and San Sebastian international film festivals, and the opening film for the Hawaii International Film Festival and the USA Film Festival. The Hollywood Reporter said Kim "conjures a non-exotic piece out of a territory-trotting narrative, where every place is made to seem like home." The film will be distributed in the German language territory, Italy, Latin America, the Middle East, Spain, Switzerland and the former Yugoslavia. 

Kim was the first Asian woman to teach in Harvard University’s department of Visual and Environmental Studies. In acknowledgment of her special contribution to the teaching of undergraduates at Harvard College, she was awarded a Certificate of Teaching Excellence in 2014.

In 1995, upon moving to the United States for her MFA, Kim began shooting her groundbreaking Gina Kim’s Video Diary. Throughout this diary series, Kim realizes a compelling and provocative vision of the modern female nomad—one who travels fluidly not only between Asia and America, but between multiple languages, film genres, and personal, local and cinematic histories.Screened at the Berlin Film Festival, Gina Kim’s Video Diary was described in the catalogue as “an extremely personal account of one' woman's fears, fantasies and projections” that “provides the viewer with an unusual self-portrait that is deeply unsettling, moving and life-affirming." Now it is frequently cited as a classic in the genre of personal documentaries.

Following the success of Gina Kim’s Video Diary, Kim began making fiction films to further many of the same concerns as her documentary work. Invisible Light (2003) tracks the physical and psychological journeys of two Korean/Korean-American women, with a bold candidness that led Cahiers du Cinema to call it “a little block of feminine hardness and repressed anger.” Senses of Cinema also asserts that “Kim’s rigorous mise-en-scene matches the unflinching singularity of her vision.” In addition to winning the special award at the 2004 Seoul Women’s Film Festival, Invisible Light has been screened at more than 23 film festivals and in over 15 countries.

Kim’s next film, Never Forever, premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for its Grand Jury Prize. Starring the acclaimed Vera Farmiga and Ha Jung-woo, Never Forever engages the generic conventions of melodrama to examine facets of gender, sexuality, race and class for both women and Koreans in America. Never Forever was the first co-production between the United States and South Korea, and it was commended by Variety for “Kim’s highly sensitive camera,” which “turns the film into a chamber-piece hushed eroticism and surprising narrative grip.” Kim was nominated as Best New Director for the Grand Bell Awards (South Korea’s Academy Awards), and Never Forever won the Jury Prize at the 2007 Deauville American Film Festival.

Following a commission by the Korea Foundation, Kim returned to her documentary work and created a video essay called Faces of Seoul. Charting her journey to Korea after living for many years in the United States, Kim composes a breathtakingly candid and intimate portrait of the ever-changing city. Praised as a “palimpsest of time” by Seoul National University Professor Min Eun Kyung, Faces of Seoul combines both original and archival footage, including video taken by Kim herself of the infamous Sampoong Department Store collapse in 1995. Faces of Seoul premiered at the 2009 Venice Film Festival, where Kim was invited to be a jury member. Subsequently she was featured in L’Uomo Vogue as one of the “Talents of Venice.”

Kim’s 2013 feature film Final Recipe is a pioneering China-Korea co-production starring Michelle Yeoh and Henry Lau. Final Recipe is the first English-language film made by an Asian director with all Asian stars, and it can be seen as Kim’s response to any sense of a single dominating Asian culture, as well as Hollywood’s past appropriations of Asia. With actors and crew from all over the continent, such as China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand, Kim seeks a Pan-Asian spirit arising from common ground: the valuing of food and family. The Hollywood Reporter commends Kim for how “she conjures a non-exotic piece out of a territory-trotting narrative, where every place is made to seem like home.”

Kim's latest work is a Virtual Reality short titled Bloodless (2017). Based on a true story, Bloodless transforms the controversial issue of crimes by US military personnel stationed in South Korea into a personal and emotional experience. Bloodless, which includes a companion “making of” documentary, has been featured in major Korean dailies and the American cultural magazine "Anthem", and premiered at the Seoul International Women's Film Festival.

As evident through the engagement with cultural critique and film history found in her work, Kim is deeply invested in cinema’s place within academia and as a powerful educational force.  Between 2004-2007, and from 2013-2014, Kim has taught film production and theory classes at Harvard University, being the first Asian woman teaching in her department. Kim’s Korean Cinema course was also the first of its kind taught at an Ivy League college, and in 2005 she curated the series  “Visions from the South: South Korean Films from 1960-2003” at the Harvard Film Archive. Following Kim’s propensity for firsts, this series was the first Korean cinema retrospective ever screened in New England.

Kim is a passionate dismantler of boundaries, whether those between East and West, academy and industry, the mainstream and the marginal, or the cerebral and the sensual. In her teaching and her art, Kim is a filmmaker attentive to linguistic, racial and national difference, yet she also strives to transcend it.


MFA, California Institute of the Arts, Film & Video Dept. 1999
BFA, Seoul National University, Fine Arts Dept. 1996

Positions Held

Professor, University of California Los Angeles, Department of Theater, Film, and Television, 2017-Present
Assistant Professor, University of California Los Angeles, Department of Theater, Film, and Television, 2014-2017
Full-time lecturer, Harvard University, Department of Visual and Environmental Studies, 2004-2007 & 2013-2014
Lecturer, Korean National University of the Arts, School of Film and Multimedia (Seoul, Korea), Spring 2004.
Lecturer, Hanguk University of Foreign Studies, Communications Department (Seoul, Korea), Fall 2000.
Lecturer, Kwang-woon University, Communications Department (Seoul, Korea), Fall 2000.
Film Critic,, Fall 1999-Spring 2000.

Public Lectures, Performances, and Services

Masterclass, Nanyang Technological University, School of Arts, Design, and Media, Singapore, Aug 2017
Panelist, “Chinese Film Market in Asian Cinema Conference,” Nanyang Technological University, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Singapore, Aug 2017
Masterclass/Panelist, “Special VR Forum: Making of Bloodless” Seoul International Women’s Film Festival, Korea, June 2017
Artist Talk, “Colloquium,” University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media, USA, May 2017
Guest Speaker, “Introduction to Virtual Reality,” School of Theater, Film and Television, University of California, Los Angeles, USA. May 2017
Lecturer, “Stylistics Class: About Elly,” School of Theater, Film and Television, University of California, Los Angeles, USA, Nov 2016
Masterclass, “International Coproduction,” Busan International Film Festival in association with Dankook University Graduate School of Cinematic Art, Korea, Oct 2016
Moderator, International Forum “VR Takes on Cinema,” Busan International Film Festival, Korea, Oct 2016
Interview for documentary film, French TV Group Canal+, In the Mood for Melville, USA, Oct 2016
Lecturer, “Diversity in Hollywood,” Writer’s Guild of America, USA, Oct 2016
Lecturer, DanO Korean Spring Festival in association with Washington University and Gateway Korea Foundation, USA, May 2016
Artist Talk, Saint Louis Art Museum, USA, May 2016
Interview with Crystal Baik for her academic publication on Faces of Seoul, USA, Mar 2016
Jury, Los Angeles International Culture Film Festival, USA, November 2015
Review Panel, Review of the Film Directing Program, School of Film and Video, California Institute of the Arts, USA, April 2015
Artist Talk, Center for Women's Culture and Theory, South Korea, October 2014
Artist Talk, Tokyo New Cinema Jukyu, "The Desires within the Images", Japan, July 2014.
Guest Lecturer, Block Seminar, "Understanding Film Grammar," Department of English Language and Literature, College of Humanities, Seoul National University, January 2014.
Public Lecturer, "Filmmaking in the age of globalization", Woosuk University, South Korea, April 2013.
Panelist, "Tracing the Absence," forum on the films of Margeurite Duras, Art Seonjae Center, South Korea, November 2011.
Jury, "tvN Campus Debate Battle", South Korea, July 2011
Jury, Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Australia, Nov 2009.
Jury, Orizzonti Competition, 66th Venice Film Festival, Italy, Sep 2009.
Jury, Short Film Competition, Seoul International Film Festival,  South Korea, June 2008.
Curator/Programmer, "Visions from the South—South Korean films from 1960-2003," Harvard Film Archive, USA, Spring 2005.
Panelist/ Jury, New England Moving Image Fellowship (LEF foundation), USA, April 2005.
Jury, Short Film Competition, Torino Film Festival, Italy, November 2003.
Public Lecturer, "Video-confession," Seoul National University, School of Fine Arts, South Korea, October 2003.
Panelist and Lecturer, "A Director's View of Filmic Language, Style, and Rhythm," University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA, September 2003.
Lecturer, "Discussing Personal Documentary and Digital Video," experimental video seminar, University of California, Irvine, Department of Film and Media, USA, May 2001. 
Moderator/Lecturer, Pusan Film Commission, Digital Filmmaking Seminar, South Korea, November 2000.  

Awards and Recognitions

Official Selection, Asian Project Market at Busan International Film Festival, Paradise Lost, 2016
Opening Night Film, USA Film Festival, Final Recipe, 2015
Teaching Excellence Award, Harvard University, 2015
Opening Night Film for Culinary Cinema, Berlin International Film Festival, Final Recipe, 2014
Closing Night Film, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Final Recipe, 2013
Opening Film for Culinary Cinema, San Sebastian International Film Festival, Final Recipe, 2013
Opening Film, Hawaii International Film Festival, Final Recipe, 2013
Talents of Venice, L'Uomo Vogue (Vogue Man, Italy), 2009
Best New Director Nominee, Daejong Award, 2008
Best New Director Nominee, Choonsa Award, 2008
Special Mention, Verona International Film Festival, Never Forever, 2008
Jury Prize, Deauville American Film Festival, 2007
Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize, Harvard University, 2007
Cosmopolitan Korea, "Fun, Fearless Female - Women of the Year 2007"
Film Comment, 10 Best Films of 2003, Invisible Light, 2003
Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative Nominee, 2003
Feminist Magazine IF Special Award, Seoul Women's Film Festival, 2003
Honorable Mention, International Women's Film Festival in Seoul, Empty House, 2003

Grants and Fellowships

Recipient of Venta VR Production Grant, Bloodless, 2017
Recipient of Dankook University BK 21 PLUS Production Grant, Bloodless, 2017
Recipient of University of California, Los Angeles Center for Korean Studies Grant, 2017
Recipient of University of California, Los Angeles Institute of American Culture Grant, 2017
Recipient of University of California, Los Angeles Asian American Studies Center Grant, 2017
Recipient of University of California, Los Angeles Center for the Study of Women Grant, 2017
Recipient of University of California, Los AngelesFaculty Research Grant, 2017
Recipient of University of California, Los Angeles Faculty Career Development Award, 2016
Recipient of University of California, Los Angeles Dean's Vision Fund, 2016
Recipient of University of California, Los Angeles Faculty Research Grant, 2016
Recipient of KOFIC (Korean Film Council) Subtitle Translation Support Grant, Faces of Seoul, 2009
Rockefeller Foundation Media Arts Fellowship Nominee, 2007
Recipient of Korea Foundation Media Fellowship, Faces of Seoul, 2006
Recipient of LEF Moving Image Fellowship, Never Forever, 2006
Recipient of KOFIC (Korean Film Council) Co-production Award, Never Forever, 2006
Recipient of Harvard Film Study Center Fellowship, Never Forever, 2005
Recipient of KOFIC (Korean Film Council) Distribution Grant, Invisible Light, 2003
Recipient of Coreana Production Grant, Invisible Light, 2003

Recipient of KOFIC (Korean Film Council) Production Grant, Invisible Light, 2002


Bloodless (12min, Virtual Reality, 2017)

Recipient of Venta VR Production Grant in 2017
Recipient of Dankook University BK 21 PLUS Production Grant in 2017

Special Screening, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, July 2017 (Seoul, Korea)
Special Screening, Seoul International Women's Film Festival, June 2017 (Seoul, Korea) 
Special Screening, University of California, Los Angeles, “VR Showcase,” June 2017 (Los Angeles, USA)
Special Screening, University of California, Los Angeles, “Colloquium,” May 2017 (Los Angeles, USA)

Final Recipe (97min, HD, 35mm, 2013)

Theatrical distribution in China (Wide-release on 3,240 theaters) in 2016
Inflight distribution worldwide in 2017
Theatrical distirbution in US and Korea in 2018

Official Selection/Opening Night film, USA Film Festival, April 2015 (Dallas, USA)
Official Selection, Febiofest International Film Festival, March 2015 (Prague, Czech Republic)
Official Selection, Victoria Film Festival, February 2015 (Victoria, Canada)
Official Selection, 
Douro Film Harvest, December 2014 (Porto, Portugal)
Official Selection, Jakarta International Film Festival, November 2014 (Jakarta, Indonesia) 
Official Selection, Buenos Aires Korean film festival, October 2014 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Official Selection, Transatlantyk Film Festival, August 2014 (Poznan, Poland)
Special Screening, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, July 2014 (Connecticut, USA)
Official Selection,  Seattle International film festival, June 2014 (Seattle, USA)
Official Selection/Closing film,  Los Angeles Asian Pacific film festival, May 2014 (Los Angeles, USA)
Official Selection, Miami International film festival, March 2014 (Miami, USA)
Official Selection, TIFF Next Wave Film Festival, February 2014 (Toronto, Canada)
Official Selection/Opening film for Culinary Cinema section, Berlin International film festival, February 2014 (Berlin, Germany)
Official Selection, São Paulo International film festival, October 2013 (São Paulo, Brazil)
Official Selection/Opening film, Hawaii International film festival, October 2013 (Hawaii, USA)
Official Selection/Opening film for Culinary Cinema section, San Sebastian International film festival, September 2013 ( San Sebastian, Spain)

Faces of Seoul (93min, digibeta, 2009)

Recipient of KOFIC (Korean Film Council) Subtitle Translation Support Grant
Recipient of Korea Foundation Media Fellowship

Special Screening, Space One Gallery, May 2016 (Seoul, Korea)
Special Screening, DanO Spring Festival, Saint Louis Art Museum, May 2016 (Saint Louis, USA) 
Special Screening, Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, “Urbanités Coréennes", April 2016 (Paris, France)
Special Screening, Seoul National University, January 2014 (Seoul, Korea)
Official Selection, New York Asian American Film Festival, March 2012 (New York, USA)
Official Selection, Venice Film festival, September 2009 (Venice, Italy)
Official Selection, Dubai Film festival, December 2009 (Dubai)
Special Screening, Claremont McKenna College, April 2010 (Claremont, USA)

Never Forever (104min, 35mm, 2007)

Recipient of Jury Prize at 2007 Deauville American Film Festival
Nominated for Best New Director, Choonsa Award
Nominated for Best New Director, Grand Bell Award
Recipient of Special Mention at Verona International Film Festival
Recipient of LEF Moving Image Fellowship
Recipient of Harvard Film Study Center Fellowship
Recipient of KOFIC (Korean Film Council) Co-production Award
Theatrical distribution in Korea (wide release), France (wide release), and the US (limited release in 6 cities) 

Special Screening, University of California, Los Angeles, “An Evening With Gina Kim,” October 2015 (Los Angeles, USA)
Special Screening, Harvard University, Korea Institute, 2014 (Cambridge, USA)
Special Screening, Claremont McKenna College, 2009 (Claremont, USA)
Special Screening, Wake Forest University Museum of Anthropology, Jan 2009 (Winston-Salem, USA) 

Official Selection, Florence Korean Film Fest, March 2009 (Florence, Italy)
Official Selection, Festival International de Films de Femmes Creteil, March 2009 (Creteil, France)  
Official Selection, Braunschweig International Film Festival, November 2008 (Braunschweig, Germany)
Official Selection, Silk Screen Asian Film Festival, May 2008 (Pittsburgh, USA) 

Official Selection, Verona International Film Festival, April 2008 (Verona, Italy)
Official Selection, San Francisco Asian American Film Festival, March 2008 (San Francisco, USA)
Official Selection, Hawaii International Film Festival, October 2007 (Hawaii, USA)
Official Selection, Deauville American Film Festival, Competition, September 2007 (Deauville, France)
Official Selection, New York Asian American Film Festival, July 2007 (New York, USA)
Special Screening, Harvard Film Archive, May 2007 (Boston, USA)
Special Screening, UCI Film and Video Center, April 2007 (Irvine, USA)
Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival, US Dramatic Competition, January 2007 (Park City, USA)

Invisible Light (geu jip ap) (78min, 35mm, 2003)

Film Comment, 10 Best Films of 2003
Recipient of Feminist Magazine IF Special Award at International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul
Recipient of KOFIC (Korean Film Council) Distribution Grant
Recipient of Coreana Production Grant

Recipient of KOFIC (Korean Film Council) Production Grant
Theatrical distribution in Korea

Special Screening, Pacific Film Archive, October 2007 (Berkeley, USA)
Special Screening, Hamilton College, April 2007 (New York, USA)
Special Screening, California Institute of the Arts, February 2005 (Valencia, USA) 
Special Screening, Harvard Film Archive, November 2004 (Boston, USA)

Special Screening, Korean Film Archive Korean women director retrospective, November 2004 (Seoul, Korea)
Special Screening, Smithsonian Institute Korean Film retrospective, October 2004 (Washington DC, USA) 
Special Screening, University of Georgia Korean Film retrospective, September 2004 (Georgia, USA)
Official Selection, Era New Horizons International Film Festival, August 2004 (Warsaw, Poland)
Official Selection, Art Plus Film Festival, August 2004 (Seoul, Korea) 
Official Selection, New York Video Festival, July 2004 (New York, USA)

Official Selection, Maine International Film Festival, July 2004 (Maine, USA)
Official Selection, IFP Los Angeles International Film Festival, June 2004 (Los Angeles, USA)
Official Selection, Buenos Aires International Film Festival, April 2004 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 
Official Selection, Minneapolis International Film Festival, April 2004 (Minneapolis, USA)
Official Selection, International Women's Film Festival in Seoul, Recipient of Feminist Magazine If Special Award, April 2004 (Seoul, Korea)
Official Selection, Chicago Asian American Film and Video Festival, April 2004 (Chicago, USA) 
Official Selection, Rotterdam International Film Festival, January 2004 (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Official Selection, Goteborg International Film Festival, January 2004 (Goteborg, Sweden)
Official Selection, Seoul Independent Film Festival, December 2003 (Seoul, Korea)
Official Selection, Torino International Film Festival, November 2003 (Turin, Italy)
Official Selection, Pusan International Film Festival, October 2003 (Pusan, Korea)
Official Selection, Vancouver International Film Festival, September-October 2003 (Vancouver, Canada)
Official Invitation/Closing film, University of Hawaii at Manoa Korean Film Conference, September 2003 (Manoa, Hawaii)
Official Selection, Locarno International Film Festival, August 2003 (Locarno, Switzerland)
Official Selection, San Francisco Asian American Film Festival, March 2003 (San Francisco, USA)

Gina Kim’s Video Diary (157 min, VHS, 2002)

Special Screening, Tokyo New Cinema Jukyu, upcoming July 2014 (Tokyo, Japan) 
Official Selection, Torino International Film Festival, November 2003 (Turin, Italy)
Official Selection, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, October 2003 (Yamagata, Japan)        
Official Selection, Berlin International Film Festival, February 2003 (Berlin, Germany)

Special Screening, Gallery Wooduk "Self-portrait" Exhibition, October 2002 (Seoul, Korea)
Special Screening, Indievideo Archive "Traces of Everyday" Film Festival, October 2002 (Seoul, Korea)
Official Selection, Vancouver International Film Festival, September-October 2002 (Vancouver, Canada)
Official Selection, Jeonju International Film Festival, April-May 2002 (Jeonju, Korea)

Morning Becomes Eclectic (17 min, VHS, 2001)

Special Screening, "Slow" exhibition at Shedalle Art Space, October 2002 (Zurich, Switzerland)      
Official Selection, Bangkok International Film Festival, November 2001 (Bangkok, Thailand
Official Selection, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, May 2001 (Oberhausen, Germany)
Official Selection, Visual Communications LA Asian Pacific Film and Video Festival, May 2001 (Los Angeles, US)

Empty House (24 minutes, VHS, 1999)

Special Screening, Centre Pompidou, CalArts Programme 2: “Bonheur Domestique,” February 2007 (Paris, France)
Special Screening, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), "TOMORROWLAND: CalArts in Moving Pictures", May-August 2006 (New York, USA)
Official Selection, Seoul International Documentary Film Festival, August 2000 (Seoul, Korea)
Official SelectionVisual Communications LA Asian Pacific Film and Video Festival, Director’s Guild of America, May 2000 (Los Angeles, USA)
Special Screening, New Asian Pacific Cinemas Conference, University of California Irvine, September 1999 (Irvine, USA)
Official Selection, PIA Film Festival Best Korean Short Films Selection, July 1999 (Tokyo, Japan)
Official Selection, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, October 1999 (Yamagata, Japan)
Official Selection/Honorable Mention, Seoul Women’s Film Festival, April 1999 (Seoul, Korea)

Flying Appetite (4 minutes, VHS, 1998)

Special Screening, UC Irvine Film and Video Center <Post-liberation Korean Cinema>, 1998 (Irvine, USA) 

Door (6 mintes, VHS, 1997)

Special Screening, California Institute of the Arts, Film Forum, 1997 (Los Angeles, USA)

Walking (4minutes, VHS, 1996)

Passing Eyes (4 minutes, VHS, 1995)

The Picture I Draw (4 minutes, VHS, 1995)

Ok Man, This Is Your World (4 minutes, VHS, 1995)

Heroine (6 minutes, VHS, 1995)